miri <3
   gitt <3
   meinZ >>alt

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Likes <3:

My friends <3

the reason she smiles
*Gitt, Miri, Lea, Lili, Mila& Mo*
those people are the sun in my sky
they're the world to me

&& that's the story of a girl

My family <3
Spending my time with my friends >>Strandbaaar/ Pierrot <3
Nights at d.o.g >>daaaaancing <3
The feeling when you get butterflies <3
Late nights <3
Taking photos >>you can never hve enough <3
Laughing uncontrollably <3
Reggae <3
Holidaaaaays <3
Spain <3
Mantis x) <3
Sunsets <3
The OC <3
Walking around at night <3
"camping" <3
shells <3
Tanning <3
Shopping <3
Memories <3
A special boy <3

||You Might Think Of Me As
Some Girl
But I'm The Girl Who Took
One Look At You
And Fell Harder For You Than I've
Ever Fallen
For Anyone In My
Entire Life||

27.7.06 17:39

Dislikes </3

Saying goodbye </3
Loneliness </3
Getting up in the morning </3
Smoker </3
people who can't let their eyes from the mirror </3
People who only think of themselves </3
Drugs </3
People hurting someone without realizing </3
People ignoring other people although thy know them </3
Black music </3
"GangstaZ" </3
People without an own opinion </3
Chease x) </3
A Special Boy </3

||True love is when
you shed a tear and
still want him
it's when he ignores you
but you still love
it's when he loves
another girl
but you still smile
and say I'm happy for you
when all you really do is cry& cry&& cry||

27.7.06 18:06


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